Creating a refined film with a single camera is no easy task.
You must really understand the camera's capabilities to successfully film what you envision.
We have collected some highly original, creative films that push the potential of a single camera to its utmost limits.


  • Modarator : Jun Oshima (Adjunct Faculty, Media Studies at The New School)

ONE FILM created by FDR-AX700

All the short films shown here are shot with the one camera.

– The One Film One Cam is a film/video making challenge project for the new generation creators who are going to support the industry in near future. Each creator is given a simple camcorder, and needed to understand its features and limitations to push their creative envelopes to produce high quality films. The FDR-AX700 camera is a small camcorder but has all-in-one features including 4K video recording, wide zoom range, auto/manual operation modes, log picture profiles, etc. It was so interesting to see how those talented young filmmakers maximized the camera functions to embody their visions. (Jun Oshima, adjunct faculty at The New School)

There was an opportunity in New York City to have the One Film One Cam participants gather together to exchange their experiences on making films with FDR-AX700 camera.

A whole new creative experience

Usually, I'd be considering lens combinations, settings, accessories, etc. before going into the shoot, so this time being restricted to only one camera felt like a real limitation for me. At the same time, it felt like an excellent challenge. (Bryan)

It was certainly very interesting to have this restriction as part of the video-making process. Within the framework of that limitation, I had to think about what kind of piece I would make, and then to achieve that I had to fully learn about the camera functions and how it could be used to do that. Once I'd done that I was able to create a concept for the piece and so on. This pre-production stage was really quite challenging, but was able to find various opportunities during production and really felt l'd experienced something new. (Ines)

「Orare」 Directed by Inés Vogelfang
「DIZZY EYES」 Directed by Bryan Berrios
「FREE DELIVERY」 Directed by Luz Marina Zamora

Each theme of "One film One Cam"

In NYC, whatever you can imagine is just a phone call away. Anything can be delivered to you. Food industry relies upon a workforce of immigrant "delivery guys". Following one delivery, we will portrait New York City from the point of view of one "delivery guy". (Luz)

I made a music video around the theme of a crazy road trip, shooting and editing everything myself. I had the band members play in front of the camera, basically shooting without a script. The camcorder we were given really suited with light body and great operability, and I'd like to try shooting like this again. (Bryan),

Shoot in many different styles

This camcorder was super-portable and great for improvisation, and I shot on a train, so it felt really convenient because of that. It's easy to operate, letting me shoot all kinds of styles. The zoom function was good, and the picture profile was impressive, and even though I was shooting in a New York subway car, the lack of blurring and sense of stability of the image was surprising. (Junting)

「THE ABSENCE」 Directed by Junting Zhou
「Non Sequitur」 Directed by Janne Ebel
「RUN」 Directed by Bronwen Wickstrom

It's difficult for me to get a good shot just holding by hand from the side, so I used a shoulder mount and a hand grip. It seems like another team were shooting with a small gimbal. (Bronwen)

For sound, I used an external microphones meant I got great recordings. (Simone)

「The Pocket」 Directed by Simone Maurice
「Feels」 Directed by Dan RosenHanst aka Doctor Breakfast
「At the Rodeo」 Directed by Lindsey Rae Gjording

The mobility of the camera brings flexibility

This camcorder is really easy to operate, so it's ideal for video students like us, and I'd recommend it for vloggers and journalists too. Because its mobility makes production so flexible, it's a camera you'd want to use for something like travelling or shooting solo too. (Janne)

As well as the zoom function, the autofocus was really useful for photographing motion picture. Both the resolution and bokeh are better than I first expected and depending on the way you use it you can also create a large bokeh, which helped a lot. I'd recommend this camera for scenes with movement or places that are difficult to shoot, and because the camera is light, also to beginners or people who aren't familiar with shooting with large cameras. (Bronwen)

Until now I had an image of video cameras as being for consumers and not being geared towards video work. I was a bit nervous before I started shooting, but as everyone told me if you try it, it's surprisingly easy to operate. I think this ease of operation makes it a great video camera for young people. For me personally, it was also definitely good to be able to shoot in 4K and Slog. (Dan)

-All of the films have unique concepts and insights shot on the simple FDR-AX700 camcorder. I have realized that there is a huge potential in making movies on this camera by seeing dynamic works shot on limited locations with its small camera body. I also found amazing manual features similar to larger digital cinema cameras. This challenge project was a great opportunity for those who ought to overcome tons of technical camera oriented obstacles in order to become professional filmmakers. (Oshima)



Junting Zhou


Bryan Berrios


Dan RosenHanst aka Doctor Breakfast


Inés Vogelfang

The Pocket

Simone Maurice

Non Sequitur

Janne Ebel


Bronwen Wickstrom


Luz Marina Zamora